Saturday, February 20, 2010

Historic South Quay Part # 2

TheTamshee's: hike continued onwards to Nelsons Monument expecting on arrival to be able to climb the 217 steps to experience the breathtaking views but this was not to be. The only question to be answered is; why does Britannia face inland ? it would seem logical that she faces towards the sea.

Historic South Quay Part # 1

The Tamshee's heli-copter to the NJR was cancelled today. This gave me opportunity to explore the tourist attractions of the seaside resort of Great Yarmouth. First stop was the Historic South Quay to check out The Nelson Museum and just around the corner of the building the
"Wish" by Norfolk based sculptor Alison Atkins.
and the Stone Sofa by Andrew Tanser
It was then a detour up passed the Library to the ruins of Greyfreyers Cloisters Then a short stroll to the Tolhouse Museum but unfortunitily closed until April From here it was a long hike through the industrial dock side to the Nelson Monument; see post part # 2

Friday, February 12, 2010

Yarrow To Ettrick Kirk

TheTamshee: set off from the James Hogg monument to hike over the high level moorland that links the Yarrow Valley; to the best border poets final resting place at Ettrick Kirk. The outward leg of this walk follows the Southern Upland Way from Tibbie Shiels Inn, up passed Crosscleugh farm and onward to cross a wooden footbridge across the Whitehope Burn
Continue up the clearly marked path to pass the ruined house of Riskenhope and onto Pikestone Rig
Heading south along the ridge and then downward; while keeping the Scabcleugh Burn on your left side, let the meandering path lead you down to a gate leading out onto an unclassified road opposite Scabcleugh Farm
At this point the route leaves the SUW and turns left along the road towards Ettrick Village. Half a mile along this road take the first left turn signposted "Public footpath to St Mary's Loch" Nestling in the trees is the peaceful Ettrick Kirk (1824) and the final resting place of "The Ettrick Shephard" as well as Tibbie Shiel (1878)
The return leg of this circular route takes you up the lane beyond the church and left behind Craighill Farm. Heading north-west at this point; the track rises steeply to the summit of Craig Hill
When the summit of Craig Hill is passed the track levels out and dwindles to a narrow path. When the weather is clear the path can be easily distinguished as it heads directly towards the col east of Peniestone Knowe. Be prepared with ordinance map and compass ( Bearing 310 deg's ) should the weather turn nasty. "The wind chill factor on this sunny day was extreme with snow to navigate on the higher ground
When the northern end of Pikestone Rig is reached, bear left while re-joining the SUW and begin the long descent to reach the
At this point take the narrow path beside the eastern shore of the loch. Left side of the photograph below, this photo is taken, looking back up the Loch of the Lowes as the sun sets.
Finally arriving back at the old stone bridge at the Tibbie Shiels Inn.
Note: If it is then your desire to sample the fine ale at the said Inn; don't do this walk on a Wednesday (Tibbie's Closed) or your spirits will be dampened at the final stage. TheTamshee's essentials for this 11 mile hike. Good boots, water proofs including headgear & gloves. Map & Compass. Food stuff as desired but keep it as light weight as possible. Enjoy

Monday, February 8, 2010

Queens Gallery "Holyrood"

TheTamshee: visited the Queens Gallery @ Holyrood Palace to check out "The Heart Of The Great Alone" charting the ill-fated Antarctic expedition of Robert Falcon Scott aboard the Terra Nova (1910) and a few year later in 1914, Ernest Shackleton embarking on his Transantarctic expedition in the Endurance. Brilliant photography and verse ( The sleeping Bag ) by Herbert Ponting ( Scott ) and Frank Hurley with Shackleton.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Arthur's Seat

TheTamshee: set out early to hike around Salsibury Crags and sit aloft Arthur's Seat to view the city from Edinburgh's highest point.
It was then the easy grassy route down to Dunsapie loch
to watch the Swans struggling to break free from the frozen loch and gain a foot hold on terra ferma.
Looking south over St Margaret's Loch to the distant ruins of St Anthony's Chapel
The history of St Anthony's Chapel then up the Royal Mile to get some quality leek & potato soup at Deacon Brodie's.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blythe Scott & Hendry Kondracki

Copyright @ Hendry Kondracki
TheTamshee has been checking out some fantastic art @ the Flaubert Gallery in Stockbridge Edinburgh. Click title link for the current feature artist "Blythe Scott" and the equally talented Hendry Kondracki capturing the atomsphere of 9th Avenue on a rainy day.