Monday, October 31, 2011

Stags & Otters

TheTamshee: spent five days on the glorious Isle Of Mull in the company of Ron McCombe (Scottish wildlife photographer of the year 2010) Our plan for the week was to scan the glens for Stags; and the sea lochs in search of Otters. We were on the road each day before first light which offered good opportunities to get Red Deer grassing on the low pastures. The rutting season is apon us but this was not that apparent throughout our stay; with only minor scuffles between young stags. We stalked a herd of twenty plus hinds with one dominent stag chasing the few young bucks on a few occasions. The elusive Otters were the real challenge a good pair of binoculars and systematically scanning the shoreline pays off, with a number otters spotted and stalked over the kelp covered coastline around Loch Spelve and Loch Na Keil. See Here for the Tamshee's Photography flickr photostream of all the wildlife encountered on this great experience. Including a real bonus of photographing the majestic White Tailed Eagle

Monday, October 10, 2011

Tamshee's Photography's photostream

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Below The Britianna PierBeach Huts @ Gt.YarmouthWaterways@ Gt.YarmouthWaterways@ Gt.YarmouthWaterways@ Gt.YarmouthWaterways@ Gt.Yarmouth
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Beach HutsSalen Bay, Isle Of Mull. Old Fishing Boat WrecksGrey WagtailGrey WagtailHedgehog@SCCBlakehope Burn@Caddenfoot
TheTamshee: spots Kestrel preying on the migrating birds on board the drilling rig. NJR