Friday, September 23, 2011

Tamshee's Photography's photostream

Meigle Burn@Caddenfoot2Meigle Burn@Caddenfoot1Meigle Burn@CaddenfootLoch Earnhead BridgeHare Moss & Ashkirk MastHare Moss & Ashkirk Mast
Aikwood TowerGrey Mare's TailGrey Mare's TailThe Tail Burn meanders down to the A708 with view looking west to MoffatGrey Mare's TailTalla Reflection
Talla ReservoirTalla HouseTalla HouseTalla ReservoirTalla Reflection1Talla Reflection
Talla Reservoir1Eildon View2Eildon View1Alex The VultureSaker FalconWhite Tailed Eagle

Trying to get to grips with landscape versus flowing water

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tail Burn

TheTamshee: departed Selkirk with clear blue sky en route to the Grey Mare's Tail and onward to Loch Skene. Unfortunately the mist rolled in on my ascent thus cancelling out the photography opportunity.