Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy (born 26 July 1956) is a British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist now living in Penpont Scotland who produces site-specific sculpture and land art situated in natural and urban settings. His art involves the use of natural and found objects, to create both temporary and permanent sculptures which draw out the character of their environment. He has been quoted as saying, "I think it's incredibly brave to be working with flowers and leaves and petals. But I have to: I can't edit the materials I work with. My remit is to work with nature as a whole." Goldsworthy is generally considered the founder of modern rock balancing for his ephemeral works. Andy was also the subject of a 2001 documentary feature film Rivers and Tides, directed by Thomas Riedelsheimer. TheTamshee says: I admire the talent of this earth sculptor with a particular liking to the photography. "Goldsworthy's approach is to keep it simple, almost routine. All work, good or bad is documented. He uses standard film, lenses and no filters. Taking the photograph is not a casual act. It is very demanding and a balance is kept in which documentation does not interrupt the making. Each work grows, stays, decays - integral parts of a cycle which the photograph shows at its height, marking the moment when the work is most alive. There is an intensity about a work at its peak that I hope is expressed in the image. Process and decay are implicit in that moment. A drawing or painting would be too defined. The photographs leave the reason and spirit of the work outside. They are not the purpose but the result of my art" As Yves Klein said of his monochrome paintings: 'They are the left-overs from the creative process, the ashes. Andy's pictures, after all, are only the title deeds to his property which he has to produce when asked to prove that he is the proprietor. See title link to view some creative work with -Green patch (Elm) Leaf patches made by finding leaves the same size tearing one in two spitting underneath and pressing flat onto one another, Middleton Woods, Yorkshire


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