Monday, August 3, 2009

Mither Tap @ Bennachie

TheTamshee clan: set out today to get to the top of Mither Tap. This circular walk climbs through mostly pine woodland, and then onto the open hill top. The path circles the Mither Tap summit around one of the two pictish walls and then gradually descends to Heather Brig before returning to The Bennachie Centre. This was a good challenge for the kids, en-route we observed common buzzards flying overhead, lots of not so yummy mushrooms. Some meat / insect eating plants like the Sundew and Butterwort
and a red squirrel ( Scuirus Vulgaris ) with the longest white tail i have ever seen. The fur colour can range from bright ginger through to red and dark brown or tinged with grey in winter. There larger ear tufts in mid winter disappear by summer. The bleached white tail by late summer is only evident in some individuals. Adults can weigh up to 350g


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